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 Raymond "War Machine" Phoenix

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PostSubject: Raymond "War Machine" Phoenix   Raymond "War Machine" Phoenix EmptyTue Feb 24, 2009 5:50 am

Raymond "War Machine" Phoenix Raymondrender


Real Name: Raymond McDonald

Ring Name: Raymond "War Machine" Phoenix

Nick Names: The War Machine

Hometown: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Weight: 234 pounds

Height: 6"0

Face/Heel/Tweener: Tweener

Entrance Theme: War Machine by Kiss

Entrance Actions: The lights in the arena go out as War Machine by Kiss start to play over the PA with red flashes in time with the drum beats. The fans give a mixed reaction as gold pyro shoots from the stage at the 0:16 second mark of the song. A spotlight follows Raymond Phoenix as he makes his way out from the back, a dark red tattered and fraied towle on his head. At the top of the ramp Phoenix warms up with some punches and kicks before jumping in the air and exploding his arms and legs out from his side at the same time that gold and white pryo pops from the titantron. Phoenix makes his way down the ramp ignoring the fans and looking very focused

Announcer: the following contest is shedualed for one fall, introducing first; weighting in at 234 pounds, from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada; Raymond "War Machine" Phoenix!

Phoenix stands infront of the ring steps psyching himself up before punching himself in the head a few times and running up the steps and jumping into the ring. Once in the ring he pulls off his towle and continues to warm up while waiting for his opponent.


A MMA style shoot fighter, Phoenix believes himself to be the greatest fighter in the world and is out to prove it. Phoenix began training to be an MMA fighter at the age of 20 after being a successful martial artist for the past 8 years. He his a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and a former amiture wrestler. Following a successful MMA debut and career in Japan, Phoenix felt there wasn't enugh compition and decided to become a profesional wrestler, following in his idol's, Ken Shamrock, footsteps. Phoenix has signed a contract to WEW and egarly awaits his debut.

Raymond "War Machine" Phoenix Raymondrender2

Phoenix has a medium build with thick legs.
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Green

In Ring Attire:
Phoenix wears black medium lenght tights outlined in red along with dark red and black kickpads. He wears black supporter elbow pads and his fists and wrists are taped in dark red tape.

Entrance Attire:
During his entrance Phoenix wears a dark red fraied and tattered towle on his head.

Out of Ring Attire:
A WEW or Raymond Phoenix promotional t-shirt, jeans and sneaker.

Traits Of Character:
With his backing in MMA Phoenix has a vast repitoir of submissions, takedowns and strikes rounded out with profesional wrestling suplexs and attacks. He can hold is own in a striking match and is deadly once he gets you on the mat.

The weekness of haveing a backing in MMA is his vonerability to highflying and luchador style manouvers. Phoenix also has a week left ankle steming from a training injury in his MMA past.

Finisher 1: KO Flury (A barrage of punches, kicks, knees and elbows ending with a roundhouse to the temple)
Finisher 2: Pain Threshold (Viscous Cross Armbar, can be locked in on the mat or standing)

Signature 1: Chickenwing Suplex Pin
Signature 2: Phoenix in Flight (Double knee drop from the top rope, rarely used)
Signature 3: Lights Out (Rear Naked Choke from anywhere)
Signature 4: Guillotiene Choke

Arm Darg
Double Leg Takedown
MMA tie-up with knee strikes
Judo Hip Toss
Gutwrench Suplex
Judo Front Slam
MMA tie-up to leg trip to mounted punching
Reverse Armbar
Belly-to-Belly Suplexs
Back Suplex
Stalling German Suplex
Sambo Suplex

Knee Strikes
Jumping Front Kick
Shinning Wheel Kick to the back of the head
Stright Punchs
Low, Middle and High Roundhouse Kicks
Back Spinning Heel Kick to the face
Jumping Spinning Roudnhouse Kick
Rolling Wheel Kick
Jumping Karate Kick
Jumping Double Foot Stomp to grounded opponent

High Flying (rare):
Diving Dropkick
Diving Clothesline
Flying Elbow Drop
Diving Splash

Sleeper Hold
Surfboard Strech
Triangle Hold
Neck Wrench
Strightjacket Camel Clutch
Heel Hook
Indian Deathlock
Clover Leaf
Reverse Achillies Lock

Beat Chest
Step Forward Explosion
Wrist Check
Test Ropes
Cut Throat

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PostSubject: Re: Raymond "War Machine" Phoenix   Raymond "War Machine" Phoenix EmptyTue Feb 24, 2009 5:54 am

Fantastic Presentation, Smile
Very good, move set, It's Original, and originality its what we after Smile

>>ii God !!<<
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Raymond "War Machine" Phoenix
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