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 Damage.. Career Killer

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Looking for a job ?

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PostSubject: Damage.. Career Killer   Damage.. Career Killer EmptySun Feb 22, 2009 2:28 pm

Damage.. Career Killer DamageLegendKiller

Real Name:
James Best

Ring Name:
"The Career Killer" Damage

Nick Name(s):
The Million Dollar Dream
The Bad Boy Of Brisbane
The Australian Anarchist

Brisbane, Queensland Australia




Entrance Music:

Metallica - Fade To Black


The opening chords of Metallica’s ageless classic “Fade To Black” softly play throughout the building as burning one hundred dollar bills descent from the rafters. The very track selected installing the subliminal message of the calm before the storm and sure enough the proverbial clouds begin to darken as Damage makes his way out onto the steel plating of the stage, water bottle in hand as he leaves no hesitations in approaching the centre of the stage. Gulping down mouthfuls of the water, the liquid beads seeping from his mouth and trailing from his chin as he archs back and sprays the fluid into the air, Damage takes a singular step and thrusts the bottle into the excited crowds elevating his arms into his signature pose with his arms suspended high above him in angles. Prolonging this self-absorbed pose, the Million Dollar Dream relaxes his arms with a practiced flick before stepping down the ramp way with a smug smirk burned into his face.

The Career Killer. Young, talented and hungry he sees himself as possessing two choices. One, making his own name in a tiring struggle and maybe just maybe having the experience up his sleeves for a title shot in two years time (boring) Or two.. taking an already cultivated name and destroying it, murdering that said ‘legend’or his prestige, his dignity and his name itself. For a man who looks for the ‘outs’ in everything he does, it seems almost disrespectfully easy to live off someone elses name and take what is theirs.

Character Look Alike:

*specifically the younger Legend Killer era..*

Damage.. Career Killer M_da8c036e6ff829bdb113b9d98597d2a6


Entrance/Ring Attire:
-An sleeveless Metallica belly-shirt with twin skulls across the chest.
-Red tights (short) with dollar signs down the sides and “DREAM” printed across his back.

Common and Key Moves:

Extremely innovative, agile and brutally technical Damage plays the all-rounder card for most of the match mainy battling his opponent with ‘smart’ moves using little actual confrontations and more capitalizing upon opportunity.

- Belly to Belly Brainbuster on the knee
- Various Technical Suplexes
- “Heel” gouges/lowblows/bites etc.
- Soup bones finished with a European uppercut
- Classic Sleeperhold
- Hammerlock Legsweep
- Ten count punches with alternating hands followed by eye raking/gouging
- Swing Fisherman Buster
- Standing Dropkick (snap version like Orton)
- Impact DDT
- Knife edge chops
- Release german suplex
- Russian legsweep
- Overhead Capture suplex
- Double underhook Release suplex
- Kumping kneedrive to the forehead
- Belly to belly Overhead suplex
- Gutwrench Release Suplex
- Running Elbowdrop
- Fallaway Neckbreaker
- Wheelbarrow Swinging Neckbreaker

Trademark moves:
- Jumping Invert Backbreaker (Similar to HHH’s facebuster, only performed upon the spine.)
- The Cash Flow (Invert Headlock Backbreaker)
- Damaged Goods (Sharpshooter modified with an anklelock)
- Collateral Damage (Double-A Spinebuster)
- Heavy Debt (Rocking Horse Submission)
- MoneyMaker (Punt Kick)
-M.V.P (Armtrap Crossface)
-Batteries Not Included (DDT using the ropes as leverage)

Finishing moves:
NDE (Near.Death.Experience) (RKO)
Money For Nothing (Lion Tamer)

Signature Weapon:
Plastic Bag and cable ties/zipties.

Weapon Finisher (Optional):
Moneymaker with his opponent suffocating.

Career Highlights:
Edit later..cant remember exactly


Full Title History
-RIW Tag Team Champion w/Ace Johnson
-RIW International Champion
-WWA "Canadian" Champion
-WWA World Hardcore Champion
-UWA Tag Team Champion {x2}
-BFW Global Heavyweight Champion
-UWA Heavyweight Champion
Additional Info:

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Damage.. Career Killer
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