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 J.G.Wells: the Wew True hollywood story :P

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PostSubject: J.G.Wells: the Wew True hollywood story :P   Wed Feb 04, 2009 7:06 pm

Wrestler Name: J.G.Wells
Real Name: Josh wells
Nicknames: JG, The Green and Gold Assain, The one and only Hardcore legend, Australia's heart and soul, storm
Sex: Male
Height: 6ft 5
Weight: 102 kgs
Hometown: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
D.O.B: 8/01
Age: 21
Face Or Heel: face
Looks like: Kurt Angle
Born in Melbourne JG was a quiet yet violent child. He had a rough life and would often beat up people who picked on weaker kids, only to never get in trouble because of his rep. One day however his world was tipped upside down with news his father had left. That's when it all began. In 1996 he set up a wrestling promotion called Australian Wrestling Allegiance with one purpose, to hurt and destroy challengers. JG was then scouted by RWF and his career took off as a pro. He joined forces with El Lucco under the name Quin as the two portrayed immature, teenage like, acts. They were known as the Jackasses. But when it came down to the wrestling they were all for it. They defeated teams left right and centre, even beating teh robots for Tag team gold. However, after a few acts in higher powers they were screwed out of the titles, and they both ended there time with teh RWF.
JG then signed to a much larger company, known as WWA, where he adopted teh ring name J.G.Wells. He won the very first ever match in the company, in a competition for the main title, but was knocked out in week two. However, JG life would once again take a twist. He went through many bouts of depression and was never seen in a WWA ring again.
JG then tried to retern to a company known as WWF, but more bouts and other disclosed inccidents occured, forcing him to retire an amazing 3 times. He then managed to recooperate but they reterned. He was one of teh most talented stars in the company but retired once more to the worst bout he has ever suffered.

JG finally reterns to the ring with the all clear with no signs of any medical reasons to get in his way. The contract he has signed has been the best thing to ever happen to this champion in the making.

Entrance Music: Rooftops by Lost Prophets
Rooftops plays as green and gold pyro (like jeff hardy) is shot from the ramp. JG emerges and sprints to teh ring sliding in, raising his right arm, then slapping it on his chest over his heart, screaming Aussie Aussie Aussie, oi, oi, oi
Gimmick: Humerous but when it comes to wrestling he is all buisness (funny like jericho when he was funny)

Ring: Long black pants, no shoes, and a cross necklace

Outside: Australian flag shirt, with board shorts. two wristbands on his right arm, one saying "save the whales" and the other "WWJD?" and a cross necklace.

Common moves: DDT
Flying sholder
Boston Crab
Big Boot
10 punches in a row
ric flair chest slap
springboard (outside ring and inside)

Finishers: redback (powerbomb from top rope)
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Number of posts : 114
Age : 26
Location : Australia
Registration date : 2009-02-04

PostSubject: Re: J.G.Wells: the Wew True hollywood story :P   Sun Mar 01, 2009 3:24 am


World challenger
Euro challenger
no tag!
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J.G.Wells: the Wew True hollywood story :P
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