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 Jason Ray-Carter

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PostSubject: Jason Ray-Carter   Jason Ray-Carter EmptyFri Jan 30, 2009 7:11 pm

Real Life Name
-Jason Ray*-Carter

Wrestling Name:
-Jason Carter

-The Natural [Due to his atlethism]
-The Greatest Wrestler Alive [During is ultra ego stage]




-Bristol, England
+Now Residing in Hollywood Callifornia.

- 23yo

Wrestlers Gimmick:
- The Natural Athlete [he is natural in the air]
- Big Hollywood Star [due to his recent movie premier]

Favourite Hardcore Weapon:
- BaredWire Steal Baseball Bat

Wrestler's Ring Attire:
- Lethar black and red and blue stikes, some thin elbow pads and knee pads, his hair normaly styled to whats current these days.

Character Rep (Who does he look like; Picture):
[-Kenny Dyckh3ad-]

Entrance Theme:
- a mix of "My Life" by Lil Wayne and Experiment by Diversidad[the best rappers from europe]

1 X WWA Champion
1 X FNTC Heavyweigh Champion
1 X United States Champion

Alignment (Heel/Face/Tweener):

Finisher :
Deadly Spyker [Spinning Rock Bottom]
Natural Disaster [F-5]

Moves Your Wrestler Uses:
-Snap Suplex
-Spinning Crescent Kick
-Stalling Brainbuster
-Money Shot
-Front Flip over the ropes
-Hight Flying Manouvres of all kinds
-Turn To Back (Double Underhook Backbreaker)
-Delayed Vertical Suplex
-Running Yakuza Kick to Corner
-Step Up Enziguri
-Flying Corkscrew Back Elbow Smash
-Double Underhook Powerbomb
-European Uppercut
-Drop Kick
-Running Forearm Attack
some more to be announce.

Signature Moves:
Suplex into a Pin [JackHammer]
Frog Splash
450 Splash
Drill Killer -AJ Main Sig Manouvre.. can't remember whats called -
Shooting Star Press onto the outside from inside the ring
Back to Hell - [AJs Pay Day manouvre]

Rare Finisher Name:
The Natural Killer [-VeartBreaker-]

* Ray, Is shorter for the full name that is, Raymond.
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Jason Ray-Carter
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