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 the perfect murder JASON MASSACRE

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the perfect murder JASON MASSACRE Empty
PostSubject: the perfect murder JASON MASSACRE   the perfect murder JASON MASSACRE EmptyTue Feb 03, 2009 2:27 am

the perfect murder JASON MASSACRE Thumb%202008
Name: jason rafferty
Ring Name:jason massacre
Nickname (s):the perfect murder,the messiah of the matt
Hometown:wild wairapa(now resides red dear alberta)
Height: 5'11
Weight: 222 pounds
fighting style:hardcore highflyer

Theme Music:killing in the name of:rage against the machine

signature moves:ddt,side effect,last rites,super kick,shining wizard bulldog(in corner),half suplex face buster,back breaker neck breaker combo

tag team moves:snapshot,top rope power bomb neckbracker,
poetry in motion dropkick,double impaler ddt,top rope splash and top rope legdrope,death device dropkick,electric chair with object

Finisher:the perfect murder(flapjack cutter)/jumping jack flash(spiral tap)
Fort knox(inverted sharpshooter)

impaler ddt on to object,moonsualt double foot stomp with object on opp

attire: black/white pants,black shoes,white hang down top

hammers theme:
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the perfect murder JASON MASSACRE
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