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 "The Golden God" Magnus Miller

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Looking for a job ?

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PostSubject: "The Golden God" Magnus Miller   "The Golden God" Magnus Miller EmptyMon Feb 02, 2009 5:37 pm

"The Golden God" Magnus Miller 20081208_Orton

Username: Flawless

Real Name: Michael J Myers

Ring Name: “The Golden God” Magnus Miller

Nick Names: The Golden God, Emperor Magnus, The Man Of The Moment, The Pitbull Of Prestige, the Marvel Of Motivation, Mr. Incredible.

Hometown: Now Residing Miami, Florida

Weight: 252 pounds

Height: 6’4

Face/Heel/Tweener: Face


I Had A Dream.. Of A Wide Open Prairie..
I Had A Dream.. Of The Pale Moon And Sky..
We Were The Same.. Just The Same.. You And I..

-The words haunting as they fill the arena opening the dark “Under The Sun” track from Joe Budden, the stage immediately becomes immersed in a faded hue of golden effect. The response from the crowd deafening as The Man Of The Moment, The Prestige.. The Golden God, Magnus Miller appears through the curtain with a cocky smirk burned into his face. Taking a few steps out, his physique immaculate and conditioned as usual, Magnus Miller takes a moment to show himself off to the people before revolving into a spin with his arms raised high as fireworks explode from opposite sides of the stage, showering Miller in gold as the sparks fall like a blanket of magnificence.

Announcer: From Miami, Florida.. weighing in at two hundred and fifty two pounds, he is the GOLDEN GOD.. Magnus Miller!!!

-Continuing with his arms elevated, the camera rotating around his body as he absorbs himself in the portrayal of his own perfection, Magnus James Miller begins the long walk down the ramp way toward his objective of ropes and canvass. Taking a moment as he gracefully ascends upon the apron using the steps provided, Magnus Miller takes a moment with a hand running along the top rope, studying the crowds with apathy in his eyes before cocking a leg inside the ring and warming up.

Gimmick: The poor man’s Tony Robbins, the rich mans Oprah Winfrey.. Magnus Miller is a diamond in the rough. His persona is pure excellence, having built his “empire” from nothing he carries with this lifestyle a strong arrogance and aggressive survival in the corporate world. His breakthrough motivational Blu-Ray “Blood From Stone: The Miller Miracle” cemented his status as one of the most powerful and influential figures of our time besides that black president guy, focusing on the three C’s in Magnus Miller’s ‘Confidence, Charisma and Character’ Miller continues to convince the world just how bad their problems are and how terrible they are, this makes simple logic seem inspirational and captivating. A powerful and brutally honest motivational self-help coach, Miller is a king of his time preaching false truths and fairy tale hypotheticals to all of the worlds fat-asses, borderline suicidal emos and people who lack coolness. He gets rich, they get depressed . Not his problem, their depression and low self-esteem fattens his wallet. Now obsessed with the capture of 2WWF gold, the self proclaimed “Golden God” will stop at nothing to crush, maim and destroy his opposition by any means necessary.. why the crowd love him for this is uncertain..

Physically cut, clean-shaven and well proportioned for his youthful age.
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Green

In Ring Attire:
-No shirt. Golden wristbands.
-Short traditional wrestling tights with “MAGNUS” printed across the back. 
-Black kneepads and wrestling boots marked with golden tribal patterning.

Entrance Attire:
-At times wears his “Blood From Stone” t-shirts over his wrestling attire.

Special/Out of Ring Attire: 
-Black “Blood From Stone” t-shirt, fashionably faded denim jeans and boots.
-Powersuits, only the finest in designer labels of course

Traits Of Character:
-Efficient in all aspects of technical applications particularly suplexes
-An effective ring psychology, knowing how to take his opponent apart from any position in the ring.

-Difficulty adapting to “cruiser” style opponents initially
-Incredibly arrogant and often distracted in his own self-admiration.

Trademark moves (Common moves used by the character):
Belly Overhead Suplex
Wheelbarrow Suplex
Running Knee Lift
FujiWar Armbar
Straight Anklelock
Running Facewash
Jumping Armbreaker
Jumping Kneedrive
Elevated Gutbuster
European Uppercut

Signature Moves:
Persistence Is Power: Multiple German Suplexes
Magnus Spiral: Complete Shot
Aspirination: Double Underhook Brainbuster
Success Story : Sharpshooter Modified With An Anklelock
The Relapse Therapy: Overdrive

Signature Weapon : Crowbar

Weapon Finisher : Affirmation Of Magnus using the crowbar onto the sternum/forehead.

Finishing moves:

Confidence Killer: Punt Kick 

Magnus 44: The RKO

The 5-Step Plan: Shock Treatment

Career Highlights:



Signing with the company.. etc*ill edit if you want me to later.. blaahh*
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"The Golden God" Magnus Miller
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