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 The wild scotsman is here!

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The wild scotsman is here! Empty
PostSubject: The wild scotsman is here!   The wild scotsman is here! EmptyMon Feb 02, 2009 3:36 am

// Mr Snodgrass pulls up in a brand new shiny BMW, with the black tinted windows and huge alloys. He steps out the car and we see a man very well done up! He has a brand new suit on, black sunglasses - even thought its night. He walks out and dusts himself off and then continues until he reaches a door and then enters cautiously. When he first walks in he is meet by a rather hot looking women who is walking around lost.

// Colin: Hey, I'm Mr Colin William Snodgrass, but its Colin for you!
// Maria: Hey .. I'm .. Uhh .. Maria!! Yeah thats it! Nice to meet you Colin!

// Colin and Maria shake hands and Colin notices how hot she actually is.

// Maria: Sorry Colin I have to go, I need to speak to the General Manager!

// Maria darts off in her mini gold sparkly dress and high heels, Colin shakes his head in amazment at how hot the young girl is, but he continues on down the corridor and finally notices and door with words "Locker Room" So he pulls at the handle and makes his way in, it's empty and rather spacious.

// Colin: Hmm I suspose I could cope with this.

// He sits his bag up on a shelf and walks outside and looks up and down the corridor again this time he notices a small weights room. He looks inside he sees a man working out, a tall man around 240 pounds give or take a few. Colin decides its better to leave him alone. He keeps looking around and notices can machine. Coke, Pepsi, all of your usuals, he ignores it and walks on.

// Colin Gawd ... These things go on forever!! Wonder where the General Manager dude is then .. hmm .. Better keep looking!!

// Colin walks down a corridor, and bumps into Josh Matthews. He jumps and puts his hand on his chest!

// Josh: Hey, I'm Josh Mathews, I'm the interviewer! Could I have a few words with you .. ermm .. What was it again?
// Colin: Ermm Yeah .. It's Colin, But Mr Snodgrass to you Josh!
// Josh: So Mr Snodgrass .. How have you found it here on World Extreme Wrestling?
// Colin: Well Since the show hasn't started yet you goof! I've just been finding my way around, Now get out my way! I'm going to find the GM!
// Josh: Its the thrid door down th...

// Colins yards away from him and ignores the last few words, he turns down his left and notices a door with shiny lettering with "GM" On it, he rushes down to it and knocks on the door ..

// ??: What is it?!?!?

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The wild scotsman is here! Empty
PostSubject: Re: The wild scotsman is here!   The wild scotsman is here! EmptyMon Feb 02, 2009 6:00 pm

>>ii God !!<<
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The wild scotsman is here!
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