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 Colin Snodgrass

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PostSubject: Colin Snodgrass   Colin Snodgrass EmptyMon Feb 02, 2009 3:00 am

Wrestler Name: Mr. Colin William Snodgrass
Real Name: Colin William Snodgrass
Nicknames: The Wild Scotsman ..
Sex: Male
Height: 6ft 4
Weight: 267 lbs
Hometown: Motherwell, Scotland
D.O.B: 1/04/1986
Age: 22
Face Or Heel: Heel
Looks like: Lucas Black - Colin Snodgrass 244.black.lucas.092807
Growing up in Scotland isolated from the major market of Wreslting in
America, he starts a small training ground, once he was experience
enough he chanced his luck in america and it worked out by WWA signing
up to a contract .. then soon being link to WEW, now works on both brands, dominating on each one

Entrance Music: Hunt You Down By Saliva
The lights dye down, a light appears on the rampway and out walks a
young man, walks out on to the rampway, rises his arms in a Randy Orton
type of taunt and then goes the pyro, a burst of shimmering silver and
a blazing red .. He walks down to the ring giving smug looks at the
crowd, he walks into the ring and stands arm folded, a relaxed look on
his face and waits on his oppenent.

Gimmick: Tough guy, well-off, knows he is better than everyone else. Do anything to get what he wants.

Ring: A Pair of Black and White tights with black boots on and
Snodgrass down the side of them. On the back of his tights he has CWS
in very shiny lettering. He comes to the ring wearing a black top with
Blue Writing on the back saying "Made In Scotland"

Outside: He wears the newest Suits around, best watches, rings and shades.

Common moves: DDT
Triple H like Spinebuster
Randy Orton like Stomp
Flying Fore-arm
Single Legged Boston Crab
Knife Edge Chop
Big Boot
Boot to the Jaw, when in corner

Finishers: Scottish Boot - Basically Sweet Chin Music
The Final Strike - Slighty Modified RKO, catches the oppenent when he is running instead of standing waiting..
Punishment - Grabs oppenet from behind wraps his arms around the neck,
gets his legs around the waits and drags the oppenent down, basicly
Rear Naked Chokehold.
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Colin Snodgrass
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