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 You Brought This On Yourself.

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Looking for a job ?

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You Brought This On Yourself. Empty
PostSubject: You Brought This On Yourself.   You Brought This On Yourself. EmptySat Mar 21, 2009 3:53 pm

(...) JG Wells is walking backstage, holding onto his injured neck, he is walking along the darker part of the backstage area, nearer to the carpark than to the ring side area, he suddenly hears a "clang" of metal behind him and he jumps like a baby, he looks behind him and see's nothing, he carrys on walking shaking off his fears of him being "next", he turns a corner into the narrow walkway where there is only two lights lighting the area, at the end of it there is a door, the door he needs to get through, Wells quikens his pace as he goes past the lights, they burst as he walks under them ma,ing him scream and run to the door, only to find it is bolted shut, he spins around to see a faint red glow beind him.........Suicide (...)
J.G Wells
" You brought this on yourself....now your...D..O..A!"
(...) J.G Runs towards Suicide, hoping to fight him off and escape, as he moves towards Suicide, Suicde reaches over his back and grabs a huge steel rod, Suicide rams it into the stomach off the oncoming assualt, forcing JG Wells to bend over it, Suicie quickly drops the rod and jumps onto Wells in a back straddle, Suicide motions a gun going off before flipping forwards, brining Wells with him, and making his head crack down on the steel rod, as Suicide gets up he grabs the rod and slams it as hard as he can onto Wells leg, Wells screams out as a huge "CRACK" is heard, Suicide laughs but suddenly stops as he hears on-coning footsteps, somebody rounds the corner to see the lights on with just Wells there holding oto his head and leg, Suicide has gone (...)
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You Brought This On Yourself. Empty
PostSubject: Re: You Brought This On Yourself.   You Brought This On Yourself. EmptySat Mar 21, 2009 4:05 pm

-staring out into the bright lights of the backstage area, the footsteps getting louder and louder as the man begins to step closer and closer with each foot that touches the ground making an echo come off the boot as it is heard through the camera set. The crowd watching on as JG Wells continues to hold his sore knee hurt from Suicide hurting that very leg. The man has become visibly clear, the crowd sent into a frenzy of cheers as Ron Simmons steps over to the body of JG Wells looking down on the fallen man, smiling as Wells rolls slightly closer to Simmons who reaches his foot over placing it down on the lino floor somewhat more slippery as he steps in some of JG Wells on Urine from seeing Suicide like he did. Staring up to the walls around him the face of Simmons becomes overly disgusted, turning his head looking down on the man his eyes staring into the eyes of the man in loads of pain holding his knee. Simmons opens up his mouth, continuing to look down on a fully grown man who just pissed himself after been scared.-

Ron Simmons:

-The crowds reaction is brought back to life, with cheering sent through the entire arena, even heard backstage. Simmons moving his head up looking at the wall as he steps out of the urinated puddle and walks closer to his rightful destination as the scene slowly fades out to black!-
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You Brought This On Yourself.
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