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 Second Week, Second Win?

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Second Week, Second Win? Empty
PostSubject: Second Week, Second Win?   Second Week, Second Win? EmptyFri Mar 13, 2009 10:21 am

Radikal is backstage with a stage tech.... he seems pretty pleased with his win last week and is here again to fight.... Radikal walks over to the stage tech....

Radikal - Interview me?

Stage Hand - Ummm... dude I do lighting!

Radikal - Yeah and? I also drove myself here! So I do two things, now you hurry, lets go!

Stage Hand - Yeah ok, sure I guess?

Radikal - Here is a microphone... it should work, lets go now!

Stage Hand - Umm, how are ya?

Radikal - SHIT! No dude, ask me how I feel!?

Stage Hand - Umm, how do you feel?

Radikal - GREAT! I beat Christof Gallas and I plan to be Mr Pheonix! That is how it will be!

Stage Hand - Well do you feel like... ummm, things?

Radikal - Have you never done an interview in your life?

Stage Hand - Uh the lights?

Radikal - So you interview lights? That is odd, but I promise you sir, I will shine brighter than any of those lights and be higher than any of them you have seen!

Stage Hand - I... Don't really know if that makes sense...

Radikal - You know what doesn't make sense? Me not being here sooner and winning titles... that's what I do not get!

Stage Hand - I had nothing to do with that I guess.....

Radikal - OR DOES IT! I think I have toured to this arena before, you said nothing to the staff here!?

Stage Hand - Well uh no... I just star.....

With that Radikal throws down a microphone and hits the Radikal Outcome on the Stage Hand!


Radikal walks off the set and is gone.
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Second Week, Second Win?
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