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 "I am a dangerous man....."

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Looking for a job ?

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"I am a dangerous man....." Empty
PostSubject: "I am a dangerous man....."   "I am a dangerous man....." EmptyTue Mar 10, 2009 10:21 pm

(...) After Suicide, has said his peace and dissapered, people backstage are talking in hushed voices, knowing the man who has taken out three people is in the building, and may be here to take out another one,
"The Shadow""Man", is laughing his head off because a person wearing a mask thinks he can take him out, he laughs in a smug tone and people are looking at him like he is a crazy man, suddenly the lights pop out!"
The Shadow Man // The Next Victim???
-" Come on then!, you think you can take out is?!, you took out three of the weakest people in W.E.W! try taking out someone like ME!"
(...) All of a sudden another voice laughs and the door suddenly bursts open, a sudden "Ow" and a "NOOOO" is heard from outside in the corridor, a smash is heard followed by a huge bang, the laughing continues and then suddenly stops, the lights flicker back on and there is only one man in the room as people run into the room and look around, The Shadow Man is laid out on the floor, yet again someone has gone through a glass table, but this time in his haste to get away Suicide has knocked over the bookcase lineing the walls, it has landed next to the Shadow Man, but has crushed his left leg, the man lays motionless as EMTS run into the room to check him out, the camera fades out of the scene (...)
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"I am a dangerous man....."
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