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 Radikal my bio

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PostSubject: Radikal my bio   Radikal my bio EmptySun Mar 08, 2009 1:58 am

Name: Radikal

Fan status: Confused

Hair/Eyes: Short Black, Dark Blue

Age: 23

Group: N/A

In ring gear: 15 inch Baggy black shorts, a new shirt that is black (XXL goes past his crotch area), the shirt reads "Keep Your Friends Close And Your Enemies Closer" The Lettering is in black and outlined in red, it can be seen at famoussas.com. Red MECHANIX gloves that are cut off at the last knuckle, and the new DC/FSAS Travis Barker Shoes. As well as a black and red blotched bandana around his mouth and nose

Outside clothes: Same

Entrance gear: Same

Career highlights:
2 Time Violations Finest
2 Time HHCW Extereme Champ
5 Time DOAW X-Treme Champ
2 Time DOAW UK Champ
2 Time DOAW US Champ
2 Time DOAW Tag Champ
2 Time DOAW World Champ
DOAW Canadian Mexican Radical Title
DOAW CO-GM (As Chance)
DOAW Owner Of Destruction
DOAW Senor Referee
CWF Tag Champ
HHCW World Champ
WGZ X-Treme Champ
DRW Homicidal Champ
RIW Tag Champ
RIW International Champ
RIW X Champ
RIW European Champ
First Ever TNW World Champ
Former Don Of The Legion

Personality: Very Confused, not sure what to do as of late

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 170 lbs.

Wrestling style: Luchador, Technical, Striker

From: Stoney Acres, Utah

Finishing moves: RadiKill [Vertabreaker] or Radikal Outcome [Canadian Destroyer]

Common moves: DDT, Neckbreaker, suplex, german suplex, russian leg sweep, fury punches, kicks to the stomach, toe hold, small package, anything off the top rope that is lucha.

Favorite Move: Code Rad [Code Red, Sunset Flip Powerbomb Pin] RAD-ICATOR [ASpiral Tap (Somersault corkscrew leg drop or a somersault corkscrew senton)

Entrance music: Escape The Fate - The Flood

Radikal has come a long way, had many friends and even more enemies.
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Radikal my bio
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