WeW is the evolution of Efed Fantasy Wrestling.
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 What The -- ?!!

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Looking for a job ?
Looking for a job ?

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PostSubject: What The -- ?!!   Sat Mar 07, 2009 5:52 pm

(...) After the show the WeW superstars are in the "chill zone" of the backstage, Danny Miller and Colin are heads together in the corner, Jg Wells is moaning to anyone who will listen abou him not getting his chance at Jason Carter, Messias standing near the doorway and Will Gallos is in the corner not talking to anyone, his hands pressed against his temples, Danny crosses something out on a piece of paper, and continues to talk to the group (...)

J.G Wells // WeW Title Contender.;

-" Can you belive Jason crashed Tazz's lambo HA HA!"

(...) The group begin to chuckle but soon stop as Tazz and Jr walk into the room, shortly followed by Eric Carter, Eric begins to say how good the show was today, and plans about the WeW WorldHeavyweight Title when the lights go out of the room, and the lights in the hallway go out, the building goes into shutdown as all the lights go out, the crowd murmur about what is going on when the door suddenly slams shut, one person in the room swears at the sudden noice and everyone shuffles around trying to find their way out, a sudden smash is heard as someone goes through the glass table in the middle of the room (...)

Colin Snodgrass // Tag Team Champion

-" What the hell?- "

Eric Carter // Boss.

-" Is everyone allright?! Who fell! "

(...) The door suddenly flies open and everyone moves towards it, afraid now of an attacker a dark shadow creeps out of the door, and suddenly sprints down the hall, everyone rushes to the door and the lights flash on, a short amount of light see's someone running down the hall is face obscured by a mask, just a faint glow of red emitting from his retreating body, the light flashes off again and he is gone, the lights suddenly come on and everyone can see eachother, everyone walks back into the room and see's glass smashed on the floor, with a faint trail of blood, there eyes follow the trail and see Messias smashed through the glass table, and a window open at the top of the wall, (...)

Eric Carter // Boss.

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PostSubject: Re: What The -- ?!!   Sun Mar 08, 2009 1:58 am

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What The -- ?!!
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