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 WeW.com World Extreme Wrestling Sign an Angel!

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PostSubject: WeW.com World Extreme Wrestling Sign an Angel!   Thu Mar 05, 2009 8:48 pm

Source;; WeW.com

Quote :
Recently, Eric Carter had been noted to be in talk with an unknown man. Carter was trying extremely hard to gt this young man in, but after a few hours on a fone call, shouts of joy were to be heard from Carters office, when he appeared he was interviewed by Maria. She asked him what was happening, and all he say was "An Angel is coming." and walked away, of course this left Maria in a state of confusion as she walked down the corridor trying get some more information on this "Angel"

Recently "The Angel" appeared at the office of Mr Carter and was seen to have disappeared through the back door so not to cause a distrubance within the locker-room. When the Angel reappeared Maria was on scene and got a brief word with This unknown man. Maria reported that he mention his name was Christof Gallas, and that his destiny was to be champion, and soon! Maria then noted that he didn't have wings.

Mr Carter recently released a press report saying that for the people to find out who he is, they must watch FuSioN to find out, and notes that they wont be disappointed!

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W: 2 L: 2

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WeW.com World Extreme Wrestling Sign an Angel!
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