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 The Orginal Angel - Christof Gallas.

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The Orginal Angel - Christof Gallas. Empty
PostSubject: The Orginal Angel - Christof Gallas.   The Orginal Angel - Christof Gallas. EmptyMon Mar 02, 2009 2:15 pm

Name // Christof William Gallas
Age // 23
Hometown // Unknown
Weight // 257 lbs.
Height // 6ft 1'

Background // When he was born, the Spirtual monks came and took him to a secret area high up in a mountain range. He was told how his destiny was to become greatness. He was then trainined in Marital arts, and many things. When he turned 22 he was released to the world and became an instant legend, calling himself the Orginal Angel. He was then picked up by talent scouts for the Wew. Now he starts on his journey straight to the top.

Look-a-like // Christopher Daniels.

Entrance Music // Let it Rock "Kevin Rudolph. Feat Lil' Wayne"
Entrance // Gold and Silver pyro brighten up the stage and then suddenly a man appears with a hoodie on, the hood over his face covering it up. He walks down the rampway slapping hands with all the fans, when he makes it to the ring, he reveals his face as he peals back his hood. He jumps to the top turn buckle and rejoices with the fans. He then bows to each side of the ring, takes of his hoodie and stands in the middle of the ring ..

Appearence In Ring // Wears gold and red shorts with Orginal Angel on the back to the ring. His hoodie is silver and black, on the back it says Welcome to Heaven ..
Appearence Outside the ring // Wears a white suit, no shades. His face paint still on his face. More to be revealed on that ...

Moves // A mixture between Power house, Eg. Scoop Slam, Suplexs, Spears. & Also High flying, Missle dropkick, body press.

Finishers // Welcome to Heaven - Falling Powerbomb.
The Angel - Moonsalut of the top rope.
Secret of the Angels - Sharpshooter ..

Snodgrass Stats ;;
W: 2 L: 2
The Orginal Angel - Christof Gallas. 1236548
Gallas Stats ;;
W: 0 L: 1
The Orginal Angel - Christof Gallas. Originalangel1
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The Orginal Angel - Christof Gallas.
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